Sé Chic

For the 60th Anniversary edition of Milano Design Week Sé will present SÉ CHIC from 7th-12th June 2022 at Rossana Orlandi Gallery. Sé’s most ambitious and immersive installation to date, SÉ CHIC is an evocation of the halcyon days of disco expressed through design.

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Limited Edition Gaea Pendant by Ini Archibong

As part of Sé's Milan Design Week installation SÉ CHIC, Sé is thrilled to unveil a limited-edition Gaea Pendant by designer Ini Archibong, hand-crafted from Venetian glass and intricately engraved by the master craftsmen of Murano.

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Sé Collections

Sé Collections has pioneered a singular approach to contemporary collectable design. Influenced by the grace and durability of classic furniture, it produces immaculate editions that combine innovative styling with the highest-quality European fabrication.

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The Grace Sofa

“ Inspired by seashells and the strokes of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus; designed in hunger for something new but yet very familiar, the Grace Sofa was created for a very special atmosphere that’s mysterious and inviting at the same time.”

Our production story

To bring our designer's pieces to fruition we use an exclusive register of long-established manufacturers across Europe. Our fascination for materials can be found in each Sé piece, bringing together bronze, ceramic, woods and marbles to create exquisite materials dialogues. Our approach is an ethos of care, one that gets the best from our designers and makers, and which we like to think translates into delight for our clients. Moreover, it means that we can pass true quality on to our clients – and ensures that our work will be as fresh in 100 years time as it is now.

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