Curvaceous, lithe and refined, Sé’s second collection of furniture has a celebratory air. Designed by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, the new pieces display the sparkling Hayon spirit, as well as representing the maturity of Sé’s guiding principle: that from surface to structure, quality should be expressed throughout the entirety of furniture design.

Inspired by Hayon’s playful visual language, Sé invited him to create a collection. Hayon sought stimulation from two key sources: musical instruments and insects. After looking at strong curvilinear shapes - violins, flutes, beetles, the harp - Hayon sketched the Collection’s furniture forms, analysing them in terms of materials and the subsequent manufacturing process, then transformed them into this coherent family.

Driven by the Sé ethos, which demands the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship, strong legacy materials were used, such as velvet and leather to hand-upholster the Beetley range, and solid bronze for the sculptural Time Piece side tables. Hayon’s simple material contrasts offer visual and tactile satisfaction in the Collection: customers can specify the exterior of a Beetley sofa in different fabric to the interior, as if internal intimacy, protected by an outer shell. The Time Piece and Tambour tables express both solidity - they are heavy, composed of solid metals - and in their silhouettes, weightlessness. The Collection's pieces are strong sculptural expressions that emphasise the space around them.

Sé has used its select roster of craftspeople to gain the best possible finishes for the Collection, and noble materials - bronze, marble, steel, velvet - were inspirational to Hayon’s range. The result is a group of clean, organic shapes that work across many environments. This is furniture that fits into our lives, and yet also transcends the everyday.