Sé Collections finds its full expression in our London home, Gallery Sé. With a rotating showcase of Sé’s most collectable editions, alongside artists and European brands who share our obsession for noble materials, a timeless aesthetic and small scale artisanal production. An ethos of both care and delight ensures these pieces will be just as relevant 100 years from now as they are today. We welcome you to discover our practice and collect tomorrow’s heirlooms.

Gallery Sé is proud to work with and represent some of the most prestigious European brands and artists including Studio MTX, Kiko Lopez, Martin Berger, Christel Sadde and other talents from the design and art sphere.

Gallery Sé pieces can be shipped worldwide. To discover more about Sé's most exclusive pieces or Sé's renowned designers and artistic partners please email enquiries@se-collections.com or call+44 207 627 4282.