The Sé Studio

Within the Sé Studio we create serene and cinematic interiors and installations to reflect our spirit. It's from here from we partner with brands we admire as part of Sé’s series of ‘Courtships’ to tell an embedded story of our joint practices. An innovation that transforms the idea of collaboration into a storied and creative union, these 'Courtships' push our collective work further, working with materials and forms old and new to engage the gaze, the touch and the mind.

A Courtship with Lelièvre Paris

Our first courtship was with renowned French fabric house Lelièvre Paris, uniting the two design houses, old and new. Sé’s contemporary classics were reimagined in Lelièvre Paris’s striking geometric and graphic fabrics, and curated to stand in front of seven decorative panels that recall the architecture and interiors of the 17th century French court.

The Sé pieces include Ini Archibong’s Oshun sofa and armchair, the Happiness Armchair by Damien Langlois-Meurinne and the Stay chair by Nika Zupanc, furnished in contemporary Lelièvre Paris textiles.  Having explored the voluminous fabric archive of Lelièvre Paris, Sé’s creative team selected fabrics and borders to adorn the seven panels, forming a dramatic backdrop to Sé's furniture, juxtaposing historic and modern references and presenting both brands in a new light.

Sé’s courtship with Lelièvre Paris was borne from a mutual and abiding reverence for artisanal craftsmanship. Lelièvre Paris is one of a few remaining European textile companies to have its own weaving mill and an unparalleled inventory of textiles and materials, dating back four centuries. This courtship paid homage to Lelièvre Paris's rich heritage through the decades whilst introducing bold attitude to Sé's playful forms creating an installation which was at once sensual, tactile and cerebral inviting guests to wander, gaze and touch.

Sé Chic

For the 60th Anniversary edition of Milano Design Week, the Sé Studio presented its most ambitious and immersive installation to date, SÉ CHIC an evocation of the halcyon days of disco expressed through design.

Taking its cue from the invitation-only dance underground of 1970s New York, where the sense of connection and desire to transcend daily life found expression at legendary venues The Loft and Paradise Garage SÉ CHIC transformed Sé's dedicated space at the eponymous Rossana Orlandi Gallery with a dynamic installation combining sound, movement and illumination. SÉ CHIC evoked the energy and collective spirit of the times, all with a nod to supple, seductive 1970s design.

Bringing together Sé’s renowned designers and artistic partners in an uplifting salon experience, SÉ CHIC was a celebration of community, creativity, music and above all, joy.