Spazio Rossana Orlandi
Via Matteo Bandello 16,
20123 Milano

9th - 14th  April 2019
9am- 8pm daily

This April, at Milan Design Week 2019, European furniture brand Sé launches the highly-anticipated sequel to Collection IV: 'Below The Heavens' by Ini Archibong. Returning to the iconic Rossana Orlandi Gallery where the first part of the collection was launched to critical acclaim last year, the new additions by the Swiss-based designer complete the 22-piece collection for Sé.
The name 'Below The Heavens' makes reference to Archibong's inspiration for both parts of the Collection: the eternal interplay between heaven and earth, and if Part I was celestial and sky-gazing, then Part II is more terrestrial and monumental. “Here, I was particularly inspired by the monolithic shapes of standing stones,” says Archibong. “The new part of the collection builds upon this theme.”
Archibong’s new pieces are statuesque and mature, achieving a harmonious balance alongside the exuberance of Part I. They also build upon Archibong and Sé’s shared fascination for materials, seeing the introduction of new wood finishes alongside bespoke crystal colours.

The pieces in ‘Below The Heavens’ sequel include additions to Archibong’s 'Atlas' furniture family, including the dramatic 'Atlas Dining Chair', referencing the bearer of the celestial sphere and an essay on weight and weightlessness. There is also a new curvaceous Oshun sofa that offers a heavenly landing on earth. “It’s a bit like a grounded cloud,” says Archibong. “I think of it as a seat for reposing, thinking and fantasising – a place for personal escape.”

“Part II is where Collection IV comes of age," says Sé’s co-founder, Pavlo Schtakleff. "The bold forms and the use of new materials complete the collection in a very coherent way. Ini’s design language is original but it marries seamlessly with Se’s timeless aesthetic. It's a privilege to reveal this shared vision in Rossana Orlandi’s gallery and we look forward to welcoming visitors to our Milanese home.”

With echoes of cosmic archaeology alongside sheer earthbound comfort, Collection IV reconciles the spheres. 

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