As part of Se's Milan Design Week installation SÉ CHIC, Sé unveiled a limited-edition Gaea Pendant by designer Ini Archibong, hand-crafted from Venetian glass and intricately engraved by the master craftsmen of Murano.

Originally launched in 2019 as part of Collection IV, Below the Heavens, the Gaea Pendant by Switzerland-based Nigerian American designer Archibong is made to hang at eye level, like a thought bubble, casting imaginative serenity with its light. The new limited-edition iteration by Archibong is a unique piece of glass art hand-crafted in Murano. The new bespoke creation previewed for the very first time to dazzling effect as a beacon of imaginative and creative energy within Sé’s Milan Design Week installation, SÉ CHIC at Rossanna Orlandi Gallery.

A highly detailed, sculptural glass masterpiece, the launch in Milan previewed edition one of ten unique designs, with the following nine to be launched across 2022. Created in the heart of Murano, a glass making epicentre since the 13th century synonymous with the very finest craftsmanship, the new edition was created from a joint desire by Sé founder Pavlo Schtakleff and Archibong to not only produce something extraordinary, but to pay homage to Murano’s rich history and skills and to engage a new generation and audience.

Celebrating the captivating nature of molten glass, hand-blown and intricately carved and etched, the new collection of ten unique Gaea Pendants brings together design, craftsmanship and innovation, to create something altogether new and unique.

Crafted from a rich garnet coloured glass and featuring a bespoke ceramic beaded cord, the first of the new limited-edition design from Archibong challenged and pushed Murano’s traditional glass making methods to strive for a creation with a striking modernity which when illuminated has a delicate and ethereal feel. Each of the ten limited edition Gaea Pendants will be distinct from its predecessor, the result of a fresh exploration of engraving technique, finish and colour.

The dialogue between Sé, its designers and its craftspeople has always been of vital importance in the creation and success of its critically acclaimed collections. In creating the new design, the dynamic forged between Sé, Archibong - who has a long-standing fascination with glass - and the master craftsmen of Murano created a very special working relationship born of passion and a mutual respect.

On the new Gaea Pendant, Sé founder Pavlo Schtakleff comments:

“When you bring together design and craft of the highest order as we have, beauty happens. To be able to have the opportunity to bring someone of Ini’s rare talent to work alongside the master craftsmen of Murano and elevate the Gaea Pendant into a new realm is a unique privilege. It is the dialogue between designer and craftspeople which we nurture and encourage at Sé; creating the union between the two creative fields is the secret behind making something exceptional. Sé has always worked this way and we’re very excited to unveil the first of this limited-edition series.”

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